Friday, September 20, 2013

Deep In Thought and Random Turtles

         At work today I had to work a longer than normal shift. I am big enough to say that I should not complain. I have a very good job, I have a very nice boss, and its just really nice. But I work by myself most of the time with a cat named Cheyenne. So since I had time I thought I would work on homework but every time I moved to pull out my laptop again to start reading or just doing anything, aka Facebook - because I am convinced its the next most addictive thing compared to nicotine. It's a personal feeling but there it is. While talking to some amazing people. No names sorry. We were discussing though (again no names sorry) an indie author who a blogging friend of mine tried to help and the author ignored her amazing advice, that she took a lot of time to do. There is a point to this story I swear!

           So the point I am making with that little story is that it got me wondering. Indie authors sometimes get a bad rap, and some people go as far to say they are not real authors. Being that I am a firm believer, and supporter I have to highly disagree. If anything Indie authors are more dedicated to what they do then regular published authors. And I do truly mean that. Indie authors have to work twice, if not more than that, as hard. They have be to willing to do all the work that a "regularly" published author has to do and more. And I admire these women and men. I do completely, they work incredibly hard for their success and I am not trying to say that "regularly" published authors don't work hard too, but they have people to do somethings for them.
           As these powerful thoughts are overwhelming me with admiration and the need to feel as if I need to work harder for them as well I was interrupted. Did I mention that I work at a small, locally owned pet store? Well as these thoughts are plaguing me, I have someone come in looking for a new dog food. Normally I don't mind doing this, in fact I enjoy it. Only the customer had a bit of personal space issues. Namely my personal space. Finally after playing the fun game of I step back, she steps forward in my direction, we got her squared away and checked out. I was back to thinking about all the hard work these authors put in.
          Of course before I could get too far back into any work for blogging, or other homework. I am interrupted again! This time the lady has a black plastic crate. She announces to me: "I have a new friend."

So this about my reaction:

         And I am hoping, so, so hoping that there isn't a squirrel or something like that in the crate that was injured. We are not a vet clinic, nor do we take strays. So getting closer, I breathe a breath of relief. It was only a painted turtle. But still painted turtles are wild animals - yes that image doesn't do well with me either but there it is. And she asked if we had food for it. So she paid for pet turtle food and was on her way. So as I am about to sit down and really get into work, what happens but the doorbell again. And so continues the day. 

          The biggest thing I learned today from personal spaced impaired customers, turtle saving old ladies, and an incident with Cheyenne. I have even more respect for these Indie authors. Most of the ones I know are mothers, workers, wives/husbands, and so much more. They manage to not only promote themselves, getting their books out there, but writing, editing, and all the small workings of publishing/writing one probably doesn't even think about. 
         In the end, writing is a passion of mine. I love it. And of course with writing - I don't care what anyone else says I firmly believe this - that writing and reading go hand in hand. And while even blogging can become very time consuming, one doesn't even realize how much until they do it. It's worth it. It's worth helping these amazing people out and being part of such an amazing community. I don't think I would trade anything for this. 

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